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Updated: 03 October 2015

91 Images And Full Length Video

Busty Dusk is a dancer in Las Vegas, she also gives a mean blowjob and takes a huge facial

Club: Crazy horse II
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Updated: 03 October 2015

151 Images And Full Length Video

Curvy Brazillian Mila makes her adult debut with a lapdance, a BJ and a big facial.

Club: Diamond Dolls
Location: Daytona, Florida

Updated: 01 October 2015
Amateur Lori London Boy Girl

156 Images And Full Length Video

Amateur Lori London Boy Girl Lori is the ex wife of a southern baptist preacher, so imagine my surprise when she approached me to do porn. Turns out she was living a lie, and wanted to explore her sexuality. Making an amateur sex vid is certainly one way to do it.The cool hing is that she enjoys it, the orgasms are real as is the passion, This is the kind of video that makes the amateur genre popular. Dont be fooled the quality is very good. 640x480 2800mbits/sec

Club: Not A Dancer
Location: Atlanta, GA

Updated: 01 October 2015

110 Images And Full Length Video

Winter is long legged with really pouty lips and they look great with a nice big load of cum all over them and her pretty face.

Club: Strokers
Location: Decatur Georgia

Updated: 30 September 2015

158 Images And Full Length Video

Blonde, cute and hot, that's Summer. Check out her lapdance and BJ skills. This ain't her first facial!

Club: Diamonds
Location: Dayton Ohio

Updated: 30 September 2015

174 Images And Full Length Video

5 foot 1 and 94 lbs Mia has a banging little body, This is a full on boy girl scene with her first facial ever. Mia is as fresh and hot as they come.

Club: Some Club
Location: Pensacola, FL

Updated: 28 September 2015

191 Images And Full Length Video

A little hottie who has only shot for us. She does a long solo masturbation with a glass dildo, then at the end takes a facial (No BJ)

Club: Mardis Gras
Location: Atlanta Georgia

Updated: 27 September 2015

38 Images And Full Length Video

This is another member submitted video by Johnny Load Its 2 camera angles, first is the stationary camera followed by the handheld so you get this BJ/Massive Facial from two different angles. This is the uncut footage

Club: Deja Vu
Location: Nashville, TN

Updated: 26 September 2015

86 Images And Full Length Video

Nina is a little hottie with a body! Nice rack great long hair and just an all around fun attitude. She liked her facial too!

Club: Some Club
Location: Dayton Ohio

Updated: 25 September 2015

104 Images And Full Length Video

Yes she is looks like Peg from Married with children but she is a lot more fun, she gives a great Blowjob and takes a nice facial.

Club: Foxy Lady
Location: Raleigh, NC

Updated: 24 September 2015

132 Images And Full Length Video

18 Years old, Greek and very cute! Naomi starts off by answering questions about herself and getting facials, she then does a brief solo and afterward she blows Mike and Fred till they both cum on her pretty face, lots of cum on this one. She then gets dressed and hams it up with the cum still dripping from her face.

Club: Pink Pony
Location: Atlanta Georgia

Updated: 21 September 2015

133 Images And Full Length Video

Is Miley a stripper? A cop? Both? Whatever she is she went to town on Mike's night stick. Catch this ultra cutie doing a lapdance and a BJ/Facial

Club: PT's
Location: Indianapolis IN

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Updated: 05 October 2015

145 Images And Full Length Video

Brooke has an amazing body and a stunning face...It's BJ time! Nice facial

Club: Centerfolds
Location: Charlotte NC

Updated: 06 October 2015

122 Images And Full Length Video

Cute Girl next door Becky had only been dancing one night when I found her at the club. She was down to make a little extra money for a BJ scene and this is it.

Club: Oasis
Location: Atlanta, GA

Updated: 07 October 2015
Vanessa and Johnny Load

115 Images And Full Length Video

Johnny Load sends us another home made shoot with a busty little cutie named Vanessa. Johnny...great job man and HUGE loads...keep em coming!

Club: Deja Vu
Location: Nashville, TN

Updated: 07 October 2015

154 Images And Full Length Video

Naomi is too cute, she is just a hottie! She wasn't happy with the idea of just a facial, she wanted to fuck! so we did, then to top it off she gets a big faial that she leaves on her face while Mike goes down on her until she cums one more time! naomi is exclusive to us just like most of our girls!

Club: Some Club
Location: Dayton, OH

Updated: 08 October 2015

118 Images And Full Length Video

Jillian is just too cute and she talks like she is straight out of a saturday morning cartoon, but this little chippy LOVES to fuck. Full on boy girl and a big facial!

Club: XTC Cabaret
Location: Austin, TX

Updated: 12 October 2015

179 Images And Full Length Video

Destiny is a Hoosier with a nice little tanned body AND she has bush....its trimmed, but it's a bush. Full on boy/girl scene for this cutie that you will never see anyplace else. AUDIO HAS BEEN FIXED

Club: PT's
Location: Indianapolis IN